Delta Games, a spin-off of Delta X Multimedia, is an international videogame development company composed of programmers, game designers, web designers, graphic artists and musicians who have always been passionate about videogames. Since 2000 we have provided consultancy services in videogames development to various companies of the video game industry. Now we want to seriously challenge ourselves as an independent indie game development studio focusing, initially, on the mobile device market for iOS and ANDROID platforms.
Increase your brand awareness with branded mini-games that combine advertising and entertainment generating traffic to your web sites or commercial links and contacts.
Serious Games
They combine elements of classic play with educational and preparatory elements to the training experience in the real world in different contexts and applications.
Explicitly designed for learning purpose,they teach goals, rules, adaptation, problem solving, interaction, all represented as a story to play.
Our arcade games are inspired by the old 80s and 90s games and they are enriched with more current gaming elements and gameplay.
3D Games
Of course, we are able to develop current and multi-platform gaming products, based on innovative and engaging gameplay.
Browser Games
We develop online games. No plug-ins, no downloads, online fun and guaranteed functionality on any browser that supports HTML5 and Javascript.